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Die Seifenfabrik Kolb im Kreis 5 in Zürich diente zur Herstellung der Seife

Jakob's vision


"The Kolb family soap production site in Zürich might not be the biggest, but one of the most modern factories", writes Jakob for the Kolb & Co. 20th anniversary in 1934. He had built a modern yet sustainable production using only selected raw materials.

Jakob Kolb the founder of Kolb&Co soap manufacture in Zürich
Map of Zürich the origin of the Kolb & Co. soap company

The founding years

Kolb & Co. was founded the year when world war I was changing the face of Europe. On October 1st 1914, at the age of 28, Jakob Kolb established his soap company in the heart of Zürich. Jakob began producing and selling soaps and detergents locally in the city of Zürich. 

Father and Son


In 1964 Jakob's son Theodor took over the lead of the firm. Just like his father he put his employees first and dedicated the company to quality and service, focusing on the needs of the society, his core customers & stakeholders. 

Kolb & Co.'s origin is the city center of Zurich

Only later the company relocated to District 5. Back then the industrial sector of Zürich.
Today this district is morphing into a hub of gastronomy, cutting-edge art galleries and cultural spaces.

Jakob Kolb 

It's a family business 

The product portfolio further developed under the leadership of Jakob's son and successor Theodor Kolb. For decades Kolb & Co. detergents remained an integral part of many Swiss households.

Theodor Kolb 

"White Dove" - Kolb & Co.'s trademark  

Kolb & Co. produced after unique and highly demanding standards. The company had gained good reputation and consumer trust with high quality and reliable products.

The white dove was used to label every product for its quality. By the 1970s, the dove appears on all company products and correspondence. 

Expansion and success


Theodor Kolb introduced several new products for everyday use and refined the existing product lines with their iconic orange and blue packaging to keep up their success. The mild detergent launched under the name Blendin in 1930, remains on the market for over 50 years.

The economic downturn 

For over more than 7 decades Zürich had remained the origin of all of Kolb & Co.'s products. The upcoming consumer desire for more modern American Soap and the competition of multinationals threatened the company with demise. In 1985 the factory's machines shutdown and the small Swiss brand had to withdraw from the market.

Almost 30 years later

Jakobs great granddaughter discovered the old Kolb & Co. forming dies and the family recipe and decided to revive the brand and bring her family's tradition and its values back to life.



Nicole is Jakob Kolb's great granddaughter and an expert in the beauty and cosmetics industry. She runs the family business in the 4th generation.


Adrian is Jakob Kolb's grandson and the strategic head behind Kolb & Co. He continues to develop the brand keeping in mind the familiy's values and tradition.

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